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Food As Medicine


Food As Medicine contains the summaries of research on foods you would find in the produce section of the grocery store. The focus is on human studies published in PubMed, the database from the National Institutes of Health at The United States National Library of Medicine.

Table of Contents


Vegetables Brassica Vegetables Carotenoid-Rich Vegetables Green Leafy Vegetables Nitrate-Rich Vegetables Vitamin K-Rich Vegetables Artichoke Beets Broccoli Cabbage Carrot Chicory Collard Horseradish Leek Lettuce Onions Peas Potato Purple Potato Sweet Potato Radish Spinach Watercress Yam
Fruit Dried Fruit Apples Apricot Bananas Green Bananas Plantain Banana Coconut Dates Eggplant Grapefruit Grape Guava Kiwifruit Lemon Lime Mango Olive Papaya Red Orange Pears Plum or Prune Pomegranate Tomato Watermelon
Berries Acai Avocado Bilberry Blackberry Blueberry Cherry Chokeberry Cranberry Juice Black Currants Zante Currants Raspberry Sea Buckthorn Strawberry Beans, Legumes
Adzuki Bean Black Beans Chickpea, Garbanzo Beans Cowpea Faba Bean Legumes Mung Bean Navy Beans Pinto Bean Pulses Soy Nuts
Nuts Almonds Brazil Nuts Cashew Hazelnuts Macadamia Nut Peanuts Pecans Pistachio Walnuts
Buckwheat Chia Seed Dill Seed Fenugreek Seed Flaxseed Hemp Seed Lentils Mustard Pine Nuts Pumpkin Seeds Purslane Seed Quinoa Sesame Seeds
Mushrooms Shiitake White Mushroom Cactus Nopal Prickly Pear
Spices Bay Leaf Carob Chocolate Cinnamon Coriander Curcumin, Turmeric Garlic Ginger Red Pepper Tamarind Grain Barley Millet Oatmeal Oats Rice Brown Rice Rye Sorghum
Durum Wheat Hydrolyzed Wheat Kamut Malted Wheat Sourdough Wheat Whole Wheat
Aleurone Flour Banana Flour Barley Flour Buckwheat Flour Cassava Flour Chickpea Flour Coconut Flour Corn, Maize Flour Cornstarch Fenugreek Flour Lupin Flour Pea Flour Rice Flour Sorghum Flour Soy Flour Wheat Flour
Canola Oil Coconut Oil Corn Oil Flaxseed Oil Ghee Grapeseed Oil Hempseed Oil Olive Oil High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Palm Oil Rice Bran Oil Safflower Oil Sesame Oil Walnut Oil
Bagel Baguette Biscuit Bread Cake Cookies Cracker Crispbread Croissant Flatbread French Bread Muffins Pita Scone Tortilla Trifle
Beef Bison, Buffalo Chicken Lamb Liver Pork Turkey Veal
 Meat Products
Bacon Cured Meat Ham Hot Dog Jerky Lunch Meat Pâté Pepperoni Salami Sausage Tallow Meat Substitute Mycoprotein Texturized Vegetable Protein Tofu
Cod Crab Herring Mussel, Clam Oyster Salmon Salmon in Pregnancy Sardine Shrimp Snail Squid Tuna
 Seafood Products
Agar Bonito Seaweed
Buffalo Milk Butter Buttermilk Camel Milk Cow’s Milk Chocolate Milk Goat Milk Kefir Margarine Raw Milk Sour Cream Yogurt Yogurt Ewe’s Milk Yogurt Greek Yogurt Low-Fat Yogurt Probiotic Yogurt Synbiotic Yogurt Yogurt Drink
Cheese Enriched Cheese Fortified Cheese Camembert Canola Cheese Cheddar Cottage Cheese Feta Gouda Grana Padano Jarlsberg Mozzarella Paneer Parmigiano Reggiano Pecorino Ricotta Samsø Swiss Cheese
Eggs Enriched Egg Omega-3 Egg Egg White Egg Yolk Enriched Egg Yolk Egg Substitute
Frozen Food 
Blueberry Broccoli Ice Cream Pizza Rolls Popsicles Red Raspberries Strawberry Watermelon Yogurt
Processed Food 
Applesauce Bouillon Cube Chewing Gum Jam Jelly Jelly Bean Lollipop Oat Bran Okara Peanut Butter Raisins Sauce Yeast
Prepared Food 
Burger Cereal for Breakfast Chili Congee Curry Dessert Dumplings Fondue Granola Hummus Meatballs Meatloaf Omelette Pancake Pilaf Pizza Popcorn Porridge Salad Dressing Salad Sandwich Snack Food Soup Sushi Taco Toast Waffle
Fried Food 
Chicken Nuggets Chips Crisps Doughnut French Fries Fried Chicken Hash Browns Tortilla Chips Pasta Macaroni Noodles Pasta Penne Ravioli Spaghetti Udon Vermicelli
 Fermented Food
Kimchi Miso Natto Pickle Juice Sauerkraut Soy Sauce Tempeh Vinegar
 Protein Powder
Beef Protein Powder Collagen Protein Pea Protein Pearl Protein Rice Protein Soy Protein Whey Protein Sweeteners Agave Maple Syrup Mirace Fruit Molasses Monk Fruit Panela Rapadura Stevia Syrup
Chutney Fish Sauce Ketchup Mayonnaise Relish Salsa Tabasco Sauce
Honey Manuka Honey Propolis Tualang Honey Royal Jelly
Coffee Decaf Espresso Filtered Coffee French Press Greek Coffee Instant Coffee Latte Moka Turkish Coffee Roasting Coffee Beans
Black Tea Green Tea Fermented Green Tea Matcha Oolong White Tea Herbal Tea Cinnamon Tea Chamomile Ginseng Hibiscus, Sour Tea Lemongrass Tea Marjoram Orthosiphon, Java Tea Passionflower Roobios Spearmint Yerba Mate Smooth Move Throat Coat
Alkaline Water Carbonated Water Ionized Water Mineral Water
Artichoke Juice Barberry Juice Beetroot Juice Bell Pepper Juice Cashew Apple Juice Goji Juice Carrot Juice Grape Juice Concord Grape Juice Purple Grape Juice Red Grape Juice White Grape Juice Grapefruit Juice Guava Juice Komatsuna Juice Onion Juice Orange Juice Potato Juice Prune Juice Tomato Juice Vegetable Juice Watermelon Juice Wheat Grass Juice
Kool-Aid Lemonade Limeade Maple Water Milkshake Orangeade Root Beer Rosemary Water Smoothie Soymilk
Canned Goods 
Canned Food Canned Beans Canned Fish Canned Fruit Canned Soup

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