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Publications by Dr. Ronald Steriti, ND, PhD

Technical Publications

“Blind Deconvolution of Images Using Neural Networks”, R. Steriti and M.A. Fiddy
Optics Letters, Vol. 19, No 8, April 1994.

“Image Reconstruction and Neural Networks”, M.A. Fiddy, J. Abbiss, and R. Steriti
Recent Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics, Academic Press, 1994.

“Regularized Image Reconstruction using SVD and a Neural Network”
R.J. Steriti, M.A. Fiddy, and J. Coleman, IEEE Trans. Signal Processing, 41:10, Oct 1993.

“High Resolution Image Reconstruction on a Fully Connected Architecture”
R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A. Fiddy, Inverse Problems 6, June 1990.

“Image Reconstruction based on Matrix Inversion on a Fully Connected Architecture”
R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A. Fiddy, Inverse Problems 6, June 1990.

“Regularized Image Reconstruction and Recognition”, R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A. Fiddy,
Optical Society of America Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, Nov. 1990.

“Modeling Neural Network Dynamics using Iterative Image Reconstruction Algorithms”
R. Steriti, and M.A Fiddy., Proc. Int’l Conf. on Neural Networks, Baltimore, MD, June 1992.

“Regularized Matrix Inversion on a Neural Network Architecture”
R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A . Fiddy., Proc. Neural Networks, Seattle, WA, June 1991.

“A Neural Network Matrix Inversion Algorithm used for Regularized Image Reconstruction”
R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A. Fiddy, Neural Networks for Image Processing, May 1991.

“Image Reconstruction and Regularization: SVD and Neural Network based Matrix Inversion”
R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A. Fiddy, IEEE Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing Conf., 1991.

“A Neural Network based Matrix Inversion Algorithm”, R. Steriti, J. Coleman, and M.A. Fiddy
Int’l Joint Conference on Neural Networks, San Diego, CA, June 1990.

“Recognition of Blurred, Noisy Images using a Matrix Inverse Determined by a Neural Network”
Neural Networks for Automatic Target Recognition, Wang Institute, Tyngsboro, MA, May 1990.

Technical Employment

Research Scientist - Developed image processing algorithms for microscopic images of GaAs wafers.
Recognition Technologies, Holliston MA, 1995

Assistant Computer System Manager - Assisted in the administration of Unix workstations.
UMass Lowell Center for Productivity Enhancement, 1995

Research and Teaching Assistant - Rerformed research and taught electrical engineering classes.
Electrical Engineering Department, UMass Lowell, 1989-1995

Mechanical Designer and Draftsman - Drafted plans for computer hard drive enclosures.
Aviv Co., Woburn, Mass, 1988

Test Equipment Design Engineer - Designed test stations for Hawk and Patriot missile systems.
Raytheon Co., Andover, Mass, 1986 - 1987

Student Technician - Assembled and tested components for an atmospheric ultrasounds.
UMass Lowell Center for Atmospheric Research, 1985 - 1986

Technician and Assembler - Assembled and tested components for industrial gas heating units.
Etter Engineering, Chelmsford, Mass, 1984




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