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The Dyno Tweed Amp

The Dyno Tweed continues the low-volume guitar amp theme. It has a 12AX7 preamp and phase invertor, 6X4 rectifier, and a pair of 6AK6 power tubes, which should be about 2 watts. I like to turn it up to 10 to get that open tube sound, which is loud enough for a bedroom! The Dyno was originally a Dynovox amp, hence the name.

Here's a photo of the tweed cabinet. It currently has a 10" Emminence Redcoat speaker.

The eyelet board is made out of red G3 fiberglass.

The power and output transformers were from the Dynavox amp, which someone had painted gold.

The controls are pretty simple: Volume & On/Off, Treble, and Bass. I plan on adding a pilot light (there's a small hole to the left of the knobs).

Finger joints take a lot of work to get right, but it's worth the effort!

I've cut those rear stringers so they are only 1" wide. Originally they were 2", which is the width of the chassis, but it looked odd and wasn't going to make it any more stable.

Here are some sound samples recorded with a Boss BR8 and a Samick Les Paul with DiMarzio Tone Zone and PAF Pro pickups. I start with the neck pickup in single-coil, switch to double-coil, and end with the bridge pickup. The guitar is connected directly to the amp without effects.

These are sounds with 6AK6 power tubes, which is about 2 watts.

These are sounds with 6AQ5 power tubes, which is about 5 watts.

I really like this amp because it sounds cool and is really fun to play on 10, which gets that awesome tone. With the 6AK6's you can do that without family members complaining.

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