Unique Tube Amps for Guitar


The Amps



Retro 6V6


Dyno Tweed

Octal Champ

Mini Champ

Jazz Tank

Fanon Restoration

Living Room Amp


Although building unique guitar amps is a hobby, I would consider selling some of them to pay for new projects. My goal would be to recoup the costs of building the amp or making another one if I had to buy new parts. Several of my amps are on consignment at a local guitar store.

Octal Champ
Octal Champ Combo with the 10" Crate/Emminence speaker: $425

DynaMite head: $350
Marshall speaker cabinet with a 10" Emminence Redcoat: $150

Retro V - SOLD
Retro V tweed head: $400
Tweed cabinet and 10" Celestion G10 speaker: $700

Sixteen Combo
Sixteen combo with a vintage Fender 12" speaker: $700

Jazz Tank
Jazz Tank Head: $500
Matching tweed cab with a vintage Fender 12" speaker: $200

Fanton Sleeper Amp
Fanton combo: $500

Custom Amps
I could build you a custom amp. As you can see, the price of a head is about $500, which depends on the the cost of parts (transformers are expensive!)

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Building and selling tube amps for guitar and HiFi is a hobby based on my previous career as an Electrical Engineer. Ampersand Amps