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The Repairs

Valco Tremo-Tone

Royal Freshman

Kay 703

JMP Super Lead

Acoustic 370

Vintage Tube Amp Repairs by Ron

After building several custom tube amps it became apparent that I had too many amps. I put several on consignment at a local guitar shop and posted them on Craig's List. Ever since then, people have called me to see if I could repair their old amps and effects.

Here are photos of some of the amp repairs.

Kay 730-c
The Kay 730 is a bargain bin '60s amp with some unusual tubes. The amp is in pretty bad shape, but it has great tone - perfect for grunge

Royal Freshman
The Royal Freshman is a very cheap '60s amp with tremolo and reverb.

Acoustic 370
The Acoustic 370 is a solid state amp that sounds incredible. This one needed a bunch of work.

Marshall JMP Super Lead 100 Watt
Here's a Marshall JMP Super Lead 100 watt amp that sounds like 70's rock & roll heaven, even through my lousy 10" Marshall speaker.

Valco Tremo-Tone
A really neat Valco Tremo-Tone that needed a bit of work to get the tremolo (it's actually vibrato) working - for those that like surf music.

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