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The Sleeper Guitar Amp

The Sleeper is a my idea to make a guitar amp that would look good out in the living room or den of a house with nice furniture. It's for guitar players with wives that don't want guitar amps cluttering up their house.

I got this idea from a very old mono "Fanton HiFi Stereo" amp (I estimate circa 1950). It looks really cool!

I'm completely rebuilding and updating the amp (for several reasons, but mostly the underlying tone was horrible and it couldn't be fixed without completely rewiring it.)

The new Sleeper is a single-ended 6AK6 with a 12AX7 preamp and 6Y5 rectifier tube, which will about 1 watt. I've ordered a custom output transformer and am waiting for parts to finish it.

Here's a photo of the new chassis exterior and interior.

Future builds of the Sleeper amp are planned to go in a little tweed cabinet with a Weber Signature 6" speaker. It will be about the same size as the Fanton.

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