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Nutrition for Healthy Nails

Nail Problems

Discolored nails
Discolored nails could mean trouble with your blood sugar.

Nail polish remover
Brittleness may occur as a result of frequent use of nail polish remover.

Nail biting
Nail biting and picking can also damage the nail and surrounding skin.

Harsh chemicals
Harsh chemicals can also take their toll on nails.

Brittle nails
A lack of vitamin A and calcium causes dryness and brittleness.

A B vitamin deficiency causes fragility with horizontal and vertical ridges in the nail.

Rounded nails
A vitamin B12 deficiency leads to rounded and curved nails.

A lack of protein, folic acid, and vitamin C causes hangnails.

A lack of "friendly bacteria" (lactobacillus) in the intestines leads to fungus under and around the nails.

A deficiency in hydrochloric acid contributes to splitting nails.

Low iron can cause soft nails that look scooped out.

White spots
White spots often indicate a zinc deficiency.

Nail Fungus


Fresh garlic is one of the best antiseptics in general and antifungals in particular. Garlic cloves can be crushed and applied directly to the affected area and eaten for extra action.

Teatree oil

Teatree oil is a powerful antiseptic that is very useful against fungal skin infections, including athlete's foot and yeast. A few drops can be applied to the area three times a day.

Black walnut

Black walnut is a strong antifungal herb that is particularly effective against Candida.


Lemongrass has significant fungicidal activity against several common fungi. You can drink a cup of lemongrass tea and apply contents of the wet tea bag directly onto the affected area.

Pau d'arco

Pau d'arco contains three antifungal compounds: lapachol, beta-lapachone and xyloidine. It is particularly effective against Candida.

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