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Check the Quality of Your Multiple

A high-quality multiple has high-quality ingredients. This simple quiz has you look for a few simple ingredients and see if they are the better, more expensive forms. Answer the questions then scroll down and hit the "Evaluate" button and the evaluation will appear in the text window at the bottom of the page.

What form of vitamin C?
What form of calcium?
What form of magnesium?
What form of iron?
What form of selenium?

Vitamin C - Buffered ascorbates is easier to absorb than ascorbic acid, which can cause diarrhea.

Calcium - Calcium citrate or malate are more easily absorbed than calcium carbonate. Many multiples have a mix calcium carbonate with other forms of calcium.

Magnesium - Magnesium citrate is more absorbable than magnesium oxide.

Iron - Inorganic ferrous sulfate should be avoided because it can irritate the digestive tract.

Selenium - Organic forms of selenium, such as selenomethionine or selenium yeast, are preferred over the synthetic sodium selenite.

These quizzes were written in JavaScript by Dr. Ronald Steriti, NMD, PhD. Dr. Ron is a naturopathic medical doctor who uses botanical medicine, clinical nutrution and classical homeopathy. Dr. Steriti specializes in natural health consultations over the telephone. He has helped clients from as far away as California, British Columbia, Virginia, and Colorado. He has a warm style of talking and many people find it easy to talk with him.

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