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Arginine, L-Arginine


formed from glutamic acid

stimulates carbamyl phosphate synthetase, the 1st step in the urea cycle

citrullinemia - argininosuccinate synthetase deficiency
arginino succinaciduria - arginino succinate lyase defciency
arginemia - arginase deficiency

detoxification of urea
protects against liver toxins such as carbon tetrachloride and alcohol

RDA - semi-essential (formed from ornithine)

meat and fish, peanuts, granola
Chocolate, Meat, Nuts, Eggs, Cheese

usually related to protein malabsorption
rash, hair loss, poor wound healing, constipation, cirrhosis, fatty liver

infertility from oligospermia
inflammatory bowel disease
immune enhancement, cancer treatment
wound healing, trauma

Hyperammonemia is not a problem in adults with currently available amino acid solutions. In infants, signs include lethargy, twitching, and generalized seizures; correction consists of arginine supplementation at a total of 0.5 to 1.0 mmol/kg/day.

GH levels will generally peak 30 to 90 min after administration of insulin and the onset of arginine infusion, 30 to 120 min after L-dopa, 60 to 120 min after the onset of sleep and clonidine, and after 20 min of vigorous exercise.

herpes simplex - promotes growth if arginine levels are low
diarrhea in large doses




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